We'll match competitors better price.
We'll match competitors better price.
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E-Commerce Policies

Information and Policies Security Policy: uses industry standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, as well as private links to international banking networks, to ensure that your purchase is quickly and securely authorized and processed.

Your credit card information is protected in two ways. First of all, as a result of the SSL-based encryption, your card number is always secure during transmission. A visual means of confirming this is for you to watch the small lock and key icon in your browser. While on any page where financial information is to be entered, this icon will change to a locked padlock state, denoting a secure page. This security measure is privately audited by an independent third-party, Comodo Trust Network (one the Internet's most trusted security auditors).

Secondly, our private links to banking networks ensure that your sensitive information is always secure once we have received it.

Private Information Policy: We realize that many users do not feel comfortable providing their personal information. Our privacy policy specifically states that we will not share, barter, sell, or trade your confidential information with anyone, under any circumstances (except in the case of legal proceedings).

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