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Product Description: Camco 40655 Tastepure™ Portable Water Softener Helps reduce the hardness of your RV or boat's water. Premium ion exchange resin replaces minerals, such as magnesium and calcium that harden your water. A compact, space-saving design allows the it to be stored in tight places. It features a convenient carry handle for easy transportation, a large mouth opening for effortlessly adding salt for regeneration, and a garden hose plug and cap to keep contents secure during transportation and storage. Product includes: (1) ready-to-use portable water softener, (50) test strips, (1) 4-foot hose and (1) male-to-male hose fitting for regeneration. Flow rates up to 4 GPM and a 10,000-grain capacity. Product regenerates with (2) boxes of common table salt (not included). For external use only.
ALT Part Numbers: CAC 40655, 46-9257
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Brand: Camco


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Product Weight:  25.1 lbs. Product Width:  22" Product Depth:  9" Product Height:  9"

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