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Product Description: Pettit 1399G Odyssey Triton, Gal., Green EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE ANTIFOULING PAINT
Odyssey Triton delivers exceptional, multi-season, tri-biocide performance by combining the proven reliability of Copper Thiocyanate, the impressive strength of ECONEA®, and the versatile organic boosting biocide Zinc Omadine. This combination makes Odyssey Triton effective against all types of fouling found in the harshest of marine environments. Odyssey Triton provides a whole new level of performance while preventing build-up and keeping underwater surfaces smooth. Odyssey Tritons trouble-free formula is more dependable and compatible without the challenges associated with the competitors’ products.
  • Three biocides provide unparalleled multi-season protection in the harshest environments
  • Maximum fuel efficiency and reduced build-up
  • Maximum protection against all types of marine growth works well on both horizontal and vertical surfaces
ALT Part Numbers: PET 1399G, 00-3597
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Brand: Pettit Paint


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Product Weight:  17 lbs. Product Width:  14" Product Depth:  7" Product Height:  8"

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