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Product Description: Trac Electric Trailer Winch 12V Vehicle Wiring Kit Everything you need to wire your vehicle for high-current 12V power. Use for trailer winch, portable winch and any other 12V device up to 60 amps.
2 Quick-Connect plugs (one for rear of vehicle and one for trailer winch or any other 12V device)
1½" Round Hole Adaptor (for installation on flat panel – option 1)
U-bracket (for installation on flat surface – option 2)
25' Heavy 8-gauge AWG Tin-Plated Marine-Grade Positive (red) Battery Wire
5' Heavy 8-gauge AWG Tin-Plated Marine-Grade Negative (black) Battery Wire
Corrosion resistant self-tapping grounding bolt to attach negative wire to vehicle frame
High-current 60 amp Manual Resetting Circuit Breaker
10 Cable ties to secure wires to vehicle
ALT Part Numbers: TOP T10135, 26-3694, 46-6278
Important Note for Boat, Engine and Generator Parts: The responsibility for the accuracy of your order rests with you, the customer. If you have any question as to whether or not the part you are ordering is the right one for your boat/engine/generator, please do not hesitate to call us immediately at 321-952-1303 Monday-Friday 8-5pm. This is important to save both time and money. Carp Coastal Marine will be responsible for any mistakes that we make. However, if you make the decision without consult from us, then restocking and freight charges will be added to your order.

Brand: Camco



Product Weight:  3.083 lbs. Product Width:  8" Product Depth:  3" Product Height:  8"

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