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Price: $91.07
Product Description: Sierra BS11040 Voltage Sensitive Relay
  • Nominal Voltage: 12VDC
  • Combined Voltage: 13.3VDC
  • Open Voltage: 12.8VDC
  • Continuous Current Rating: 125A
  • Intermittent Current Rating: 140A
  • Power Consumption: 10mA (Standby)/ 330mA (Engage), 0mA (Storage Mode)
  • Automatically combines two batteries when charging and isolates the two batteries when not charging
  • No voltage drops comparing to battery isolator diodes (0.6V)
  • Robust Glass Fiber reinforced Nylon enclosure
  • Built-in LED indication when VSR is engaged
  • Port for remote LED indicating VSR status
  • Surface or panel mount options prove flexibility when installing
  • Storage mode allows zero power consumption when the engine is off
  • CE and IP67 Certifications
ALT Part Numbers: SIE BS11040, 48-1389
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Brand: Sierra



Product Weight:  0.58 lbs. Product Width:  7" Product Depth:  4" Product Height:  5"