We'll match competitors better price.
We'll match competitors better price.
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Visit Us By Boat!

We invite you to visit Carp Coastal Marine by boat!


We have a dock across the street on the east side of US 1,


Caution:  Be careful and trim up your motor; the water is less than 3' at the end of the dock.


Our coordinates which are:

27 56.754 N

080 32.059 W


On the intracoastal at

27 56.753 N

080 31.551 W


Opposite markers Numbered 32 and 33

Visit Us By Boat!

Carp Industries, Corp., DBA
Carp Coastal Marine Supply
4550 U.S. Highway 1
Grant, Florida 32949


Visit Us By Boat!

Email: info@carpcoastalmarine.com